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In a nutshell:

Nicole Elizabeth is a former home cooking instructor turned stay-at-home-mom who just can’t quit yammering on about food.


Nicole spent a couple of years teaching private in-home cooking lessons in the western and northern suburbs of Chicago. While teaching, she started a blog called thefreshkitchen as a supplemental resource for her students to use for recipes, cooking tutorials, and basic skills. Though she stopped teaching classes a few years ago to focus more time and attention on her family, Nicole revamped her blog into Nicole Elizabeth/thefreshkitchen, a website dedicated to home cooking, and, if she is being honest, a place where she can keep her favorite recipes because she is really bad at organizing them otherwise. Her cooking follows the usual seasonal flow, but she has a soft spot for Israeli and Southeast Asian cuisine.

What you’ll find at thefreshkitchen:

During the fall of 2014, Nicole was diagnosed with lupus and immediately started following the paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) to address symptoms. Many of the foods you will find here dated during or after October 2014 fall within the AIP guidelines, and as Nicole goes through the slow process of reintroducing foods into her diet, her recipes will reflect that. She still cooks for her very hungry family and friends, so you’ll see that, too, as well as blog posts detailing different ingredients, cooking methods, food-related favorites lists, and some glimpses into her personal life.

Is Nicole currently accepting cooking students? How do I contact her?

No, Nicole is not currently teaching classes, but if that changes, you all will be the first to know! If you have any cooking questions, questions about ingredients (commonplace or unusual), or just want to say hi, she’d love to hear from you either on her Facebook page, on Instagram, or via email at nethefreshkitchen@gmail.com.










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